Get free impartial advice, general information and help with any questions.

Alternatively just fill in the short form below to ask us a question or request a call back from one of our team or if already booked? and have any questions about your booking just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.


Bookings Office - South Africa

Get in touch with our Specialist
Ethical É - Volunteering & Green Camps
Ritzer Kenie:

You can reach us at Skype us @goethical or Tel: +27(0)78-186-5110.  Monday-Fridays 8am-5:00pm GMT +2. You can also meet us!

Find the Office on:
310 Oak Ave, NBS Building.
Randburg. 2125, South Africa

Meet a Coordinator!

Our international coordinators around the world are amazing people who have consistently offered help to work on our volunteers inquiries before their arrival in Africa. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact any of the following numbers to talk with a coordinator near you. 


Joon Yang - Seuol, Korea

TEL: +82 (10) 7180-0143

Great Britain AND EUROPE;

Joel Standeven - Leeds, U.K

TEL: +44(-) 781-654-3321

United States AND CANADA;

Tatyana Litvinova - NYC, U.S

TEL: +1 (347)-342-5901

Yanna Begelman - NYC, U.S

TEL: +1 (917)-517-7879

Joon Yang - NH, U.S

TEL: +1 (603) 793-1002

Once we understand your goals and what you are looking for, our coordinators can start discussing options and ideas with you. With their help, you may be surprised at how quickly your dream of going abroad can start to materialize into a reality.


With only two operational offices around the world. For EE As a non-profit we try to minimize on our expenses for running offices around the world because our main goal is ensuring the money your paying is going directly towards the development of the places where our volunteers work. 

That is why our coordinators are our heroes on the team and we are very much thankful for their amazing work! Our coordinators are people who have been to our projects and on a successful placement were inspired to join our team. If you've recently returned from your trip with us and would like to join the team, please do get in touch

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