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The world of Ethical Encounters
The're never better reasons than to stop what you are doing, grab your passport and leave.

Who we are and why we exist!

Ethical Encounters (ÉÉ ) is a Small Social Enterprise, founded to "Unite Cultures through Travel and Tourism" We seek to use the economic clout of tourism to enhance the living conditions of children and villagers in the local Communities.

Travel and tourism are among the planet’s driving economic forces, and every journey we take makes a statement about our priorities and commitment to change that's why we urge you to explore and enjoy the wonderful sights, cultures and activities that Africa has to offer.

ÉÉ believes that ethical travel is a net positive for the planet. By choosing to volunteer and remembering our role as global citizens, we can create international goodwill and help change the world for the better.

We use locally owned transport, family-run accommodation and local cooks. And we always buy our supplies from local markets. Again, this both benefits local communities and makes for better traveling experiences, helping you get closer to different cultures.

Our  endeavors are to;

  • Minimise negative economic, environmental, and social impacts;
  • Generate greater economic benefits for local people and enhance the well-being of host communities.;
  •  Make positive contributions to the conservation of cultural heritage, to the maintenance of Africa's diversity;
  •   Provide more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues;
  • Be culturally sensitive, encourage respect between tourists and hosts, and build local pride and confidence.
Meet the Team

The growth of EE is only possible due to the quality of the projects and dedications of the team. EE team is a mix of dedicated world travellers, a local front-line team members supported by a number of ex-volunteers from across the world. Our website has been designed to answer most questions a prospective volunteer will have.  However you may have further questions which one of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to help with. 

Many of our staff have participated in one of our programs, and are experienced in international travel so you will find us a great resource when planning for your trip. This combination of experience, knowledge and dedication gives us the opportunity to understand the needs of both the volunteers and the local community. Meet the Team here!

The formation with the Impact of our own!

This enterprise was started by former volunteers in the early 2009 led by a philanthropist traveler Ritzer R. Kenie who saw a need for proving a service to travelers and local communities. Our volunteers are from all walks of life, and range in age from high school to retirees. Most programs do not require special skills or experience, just an open mind and a desire to reach out to those in need in Africa.

Everything we do is part of a well-designed strategy, which, over the past years, has helped transform the lives of local people. The villages are undeveloped and there is real poverty, but it is clear to any visitor that we are slowly making a genuine difference to people’s lives whilst helping to unite them with other cultures.

The Enterprise is a legally registered non-profit business in Uganda and Tanzania with its main operating offices located at Nansana, Masitoowa. Kyebando Rd in Uganda.

We are proud that so many of our volunteers come as a result of recommendations. Why not  ask to be put in touch with somebody who has recently returned from one of our projects? Drop us a line on  and we will be happy to supply you with e-mail contact details.  Or

Do you want to meet a local coordinator in your country or continent, have a drink and share their story with you and what to expect? If you want to volunteer but not sure if  éé  is the right organisation for you, then here's the answer ! Our coordinator will be there and all you have to do is to call them directly. Get in touch here

Our volunteers and coordinators provide invaluable support and help to keep our programs running. We thank all of our volunteers for their ongoing support and commitment

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Our  own journeys and the difference!

Seeing a place through the eyes of those who call it home is priceless, all our guides have a passion for history and landscapes and give you insights and experience of the heritage and culture that only locals can. We aim to educate travelers and villagers alike on responsible tourism.

We have adopted principles for responsible tourism. Responsible tourism is about creating better places for people to live in and to visit. Ethical Encounters is about educating people in responsible tourism at the grassroots level. We want to spread the knowledge about how responsible tourism can be implemented by all Africa.

How is Ethical Encounters different ?

We have a strong social consciousness towards our team and the local villagers who we are blessed to spend time with in their homes and their company. We only employ local staff and leaders as this benefits everyone with greater opportunities and economic benefits for local communities, and travelers get more under the skin of the country they visit.

Participation in our projects is highly respected by our team and local staff alike, in a way that many volunteering holidays are not. The biggest part of the team is based in Africa!, Ethical Encounters is a very different experience from that offered by large profit-generating companies, who may have sites in many countries, but who lack the local relationships which enable us to engage every volunteer in valuable and rewarding projects.  You are of course, also required to have fun! Refresh yourself through relaxation and exploring Africa and all its treasures.

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