Where we trailed from ?
Whether you've travelled the world a thousand times or you anticipating your first real journey.... we all share a desire to encounter adventure and memorable experiences along our way!

Coming together to form "Ethical Encounters" was a long journey. Some of us used to dream about travelling, others were already there. We left our homes to travel the world with different goals but we all had "the spirit of giving back" in common. With this, our paths crossed together in Africa.

We lived amongst its people, ate their food, learned their language and danced their way of life, it was because of this real ethical experience that became the Ethical Encounters we have today.

As EE is only growing, at the moment we all do a little bit of everything to make the organization and the projects work. We would cook breakfast for the volunteer participants, be on the ground working on the projects all day long, and even drive the trucks home.

This doesn't take our efforts off the key areas, such as project development, volunteer recruitment or budget keeping. By knowing all aspects of the volunteers' needs, helping out with projects, and focusing on specialized areas, we are able to help grow of the organization and increase the impact of the projects. Come join the team on our quest to improving the conditions caused by poverty for people in Africa.


Tanya graduated from University of the Arts London,in 2008. While Brooklyn (NYC) is currently home, Tanya has traveled to Brazil, Thailand, Australia, India, Egypt, South Africa, Tanzania and finally Uganda. Her love for travel, along her trips and adventures developed into a passion for Africa. This in turn led her to Uganda, where she met with Ritzer in Kampala and formed together the EE - Tanzania program, in February 2012.

How I got to the Massai village? I first met amani through a friend during my stay in Tanzania. He was hired as my guide to take me to the near by massai village but instead, I talked him into taking me to his own family village in the mountains.

The drive there was about 2 hours by public transport, but was well worth it. on arrival, we had to walk up a dirt road for a bit, admiring the natural splendor of my surroundings, passing fruit gardens and oddly shaped trees. I even chatted up a wise massai man dressed in traditional clothing.

Amani's village is one of those rare Jems; located in a serene mountains valley with a small water hole in the center and cows and goats grazing the land. Many children greeted me and amani. They were so fascinated with my complexion, as they do not get many visitor.

International Coordinator           Tanya Litvinova - NYC, U.S.A

Amani was so helpful and fun--telling me everything there was to know about his village, the traditions of the massai, and the troubles they faced day to day. I thought to myself, this is a truly authentic experience of africa. 

I only wish I could stay there for longer. I spent all day there learning about the ways of the people, but more importantly, their needs and struggles. There is serious need for irrigation of water from the local towns, since it rains very infrequently there. Also, education needs to be improved. The massai live in a very closed off culture, with little interaction with the outside world.Small children walk over a mile to and from school every day.

I believe that there is so much that can be done to help this massai village. And we can ban together to help them build a better tomorrow.


Joon was born and raised in South Korea, where he visited during breaks when he's away from school.
Joon's currently a senior at Phillips Exeter Academy, a school in New Hampshire. Throughout his life, He had a lot of experiences traveling and volunteering in different parts of the world - Uganda being one of them and the most memorable.

Joon's an amazing dedicated member of the EE team and If there's anything you want to know or need to ask about experiencing Uganda,  he will be happy to help!
International Coordinator          Joon Yang - NH, United States

International Director         Ritzer Kenie - KLA, Uganda

Before Founding Ethical Encounters, I had many amazing journeys around the world. It all started after graduating with a Masters in Business from Johannesburg in the S.A, I travelled to many countries including; Hong Kong, Thailand, Ethiopia, China, Spain, India, Philipines, Jamaica and Egypt for nearly three years.

Then I returned to the Africa and began working in the field of travel. I worked with different travel companies operating in Africa and later on embarked on a few volunteer projects in Uganda. Here I started to realize that this is what I wanted to do in my life.

I’ve been a bit of a wonder-wander traveller and fell into many surprising trips that took me all over the world.Travel became a passion of mine that I enjoyed meeting other people along. From my experiences abroad, I fell in love with travelling and the experiences it has given me over the years.

I was born in the Southern part of Africa and then I moved to the Eastern side when I was almost 20yrs old.

Throughout my childhood, I spent many years wandering across many towns and villages. It was during that time I developed my passion for Africa!

I wanted to share the African experiences with other individuals and help support the local communities in the process!


My Names Joel, Im from Leeds in the UK. Back home I work as a teacher in a school for kids with behavioural problems, as well as working part time within my own graphic web design company.

Coming to Africa to work in a community like this with young people is something I've wanted to do since graduating & I finally got to come out in August 2012. . .

During my visit I expected to be helping trying to entertain & inspire these young people, Instead I left being inspired by them.

Their energy, passion for learning & the ability to always have a smile on there face no matter what made this one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

International Coordinator         Joel Standeven - Leeds, U.K

Its a great Charity & Im proud to say I'm lucky enough to be involved with them.


Amani is a professional tour guide and leader in his community. He expressed his need for guide in his hopes to improve the conditions and situation that his people live in. He was the one who introduced the Massai village and showed us around his village.

However there are many things that this community needs. The water shortages and the school conditions are just two out of the many issues that need to be addressed. The village is located two hours away from Arusha in the mountains. its a beautiful place to visit--lots of nature.
Amani and his Massai community are two hours away in Kilimanjaro. Its a wonderful community rich with history and tradition.
Local Coordinators - Tanzania
Amani Laizer - Massai Team

In Tanzania we have Amani, Josephin and Samwel who coordinate the projects in his village, where volunteers enjoy living in their rural town near by and make daily visits to the massai.

Teaching the kids english, building the school, aiding in skill building for the adults in the community.

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