The Massai Building Experience(M.A.D.E)
Experiences for building a new Massai Village
M.A.D.E Building project, the Masai people need roads, infrastructure development and sanitation projects and many more projects like these to improve their lives. This project will bring development and ward off hunger, disease and illiteracy. This project is however not intended to give modern life to Masai, who still are living a nomadic life tending their cattle, but on the contrary help save their own culture and lifestyle.

Land conflicts between the Maasai communities and wildlife institutions, including the government-controlled wildlife areas, remains at the top of the problems facing the Maasai as they strive to maintain their old cultures.

Lately, the some of the Masai people have started to migrate in urban places for work and survival. To avoid this, development must come to their land, a proper school and hospital must be built and their culture must be promoted to attract tourists, so that the Masai can benefit from revenue generated from it. Join the project now and be part of this wonderful effort to save Masai’s unique way of life.

Due to popular demand for Safari based tourism, these organizations have made efforts towards preventing the massai people from hunting on the land they have been hunting on for decades. This has left the massai with very little to survive. And long droughts often cause famine and water scarcity. without any irrigation for water, the massai are often forced to drink from dirty water that causes severe health issues. 

Our volunteers help create alternative options for irrigation to clean water, construct class rooms and huts for families. You do not need any qualifications to volunteer in the project. However, if you are an engineer, you’d be ideal for the project. If volunteers have other skills like building projects, cultural conservation ideas, you are more than welcome to share them. Others can also contribute equally by learning and volunteering enthusiastically.

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Placement Highlights

16yrs+ on arrival
Volunteer options
construction, culture, sanitation, general site maintenance.
Pre-departure, helpdesk, in-country coordinating team and 24hr emergency support
Project location
Massai village situated in the regions of the Mt. Kilimanjaro
Massai traditional, communal area, basic showers.
Working hours
Variable Mon to Fri depending on your daily activities.
English understood by the kids and everyone.
Getting to project
You will be picked up by an Ethical member of staff from the Nearest Airport who will take you to the project site.
Minimum stay
1 week
Volunteers usually stay
2-6 weeks, longer stays possible
Project operates
There are 2 start dates per month with us.
Arrange flight to arrive on 1stth or 15th of each month. Check our calender.
 Limited spaces apply early.
From EUR 150 per week.

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