Volunteer Tanzania
Affordable, Exciting, Life-Changing Tanzania Masai Experiences!

Picture yourself watching a majestic herd of giraffes or impalas on the plains of the Great Rift in Tanzania, or experiencing culture on the exotic Masai lands! As a volunteer in beautiful Tanzania, you can change your life and the lives of others. The country is there. The Masai people are there. The fascinating sights and sounds are there. Where are you?

Volunteer with EE and you can thrill to the spectacle of East Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro, or roam through the inspiring Masai villages. Your Volunteer in Tanzania experience will provide memorable, unique opportunities for cultural insights and color, and memories for a lifetime.  our  Tanzania program allows you to help others while you’re savoring the special flavor of a special country!

Challenge your preconceived notions, broaden your horizons and enhance the depth and breadth of your life.. Give yourself the fascinating gift of helping people, just by being who you are, and bringing them into your heart. Travel with us to Tanzania and write us today for all the details on this life-altering volunteer program!

Available Projects

As you settle in to community life you can also adapt your experience as the days pass, from spending time with the family to trying teaching for the first time, milking the family goat to joining in with Masai celebrations! And even if you have nothing planned, each day the children will never be far aware trying to catch their house guest's attention! Click on each project to learn more!

  • M.A.T.E Teaching - Our volunteers teach english at the local school to both children and adults, enabling a massai member to finding work and provide for their family.
  • M.A.C.E Cultures - Our volunteers learn what its like to live like a massai; spend a day grazing cattle, participating in a dance, making traditional massai meal, learning how to bead a traditional massai head dress.
  • M.A.D.E Building - Our volunteers help create alternative options for irrigation to clean water, construct class rooms and huts for families.

Accommodation Offered

Volunteers live alongside villagers Masai style usually with two volunteers sharing. Three meals a day are provided. Informal, day to day support will be provided by your host family and project coordinator and easily be reached by telephone. Your volunteer project will begin after a day or two of Language and Cultural Immersion taught in and around the house. This experience should not be missed! So many international travelers wish they could have an opportunity such as this to receive a briefing on customs, language and history.

Project Dates

Departure dates for our projects in Tanzania ! The first and still best Africa volunteer and educational travel trips in the volunteer industry — We aim to take in upto 10 volunteers per departure and where possible can adjust the number accordingly. Our projects arrival dates are available only on 1st or 15th of the month, please check with our calender to see  project dates and arrange your flight booking accordingly.

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